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Writing centers made easy!

Do you hate finding writing prompts and writing activities for every season and holiday to add to your writing centers? You may find an adorable writing craft for a certain holiday, but you end up doing most of the work prepping the craft part of the writing, and the writing is meaningless anyways. Writing centers should practice a variety of writing and literacy skills. They should be low prep, meaningful, and they should also be consistent so that students can gain independence as the school year progresses.

This is why I created my low-prep, consistent writing centers for the year! Each seasonal and holiday pack includes: engaging prompts, simple flipbook activities and pages that practice a variety of literacy skills, such as main idea, compare & contrast, rhyming, vocabulary, beginning middle end of a story, etc., fine motor activities, and graphic organizers.

Take a look at an example pack below!

This is the fall writing pack! You can see a variety of writing prompts, fine motor tracing, flipbooks that can be used with any fall book to practice beginning, middle, and end, a flipbook for practicing opposites, graphic organizers, and so much more!

This is the winter writing pack. Pictured are various writing prompts, graphic organizers, fine motor practice, and flipbooks for vocabulary, writing winter words, and to practice the beginning, middle, and end of any winter story.

Each writing pack contains these key writing activities, so students get used to the activities and know what they are supposed to do, which leads to their independence with their writing centers. They are also low prep, yet engaging! They practice meaningful skills, support fine motor development, and help students become strong and independent writers.

All writing packs available:

  • Back to School

  • Fall

  • Halloween

  • Thanksgiving

  • Veteran's Day

  • Winter

  • Christmas

  • New Year's

  • 100th Day of School

  • Martin Luther King Day

  • President's Day

  • Groundhog Day

  • Valentine's Day

  • Spring

  • St. Patrick's Day

  • Easter

  • Earth Day

  • Mother's Day

  • Summer

  • Memorial Day

  • Father's Day

  • Fourth of July

These packs are available separately in my TPT store! However, if you buy the entire bundle for the whole year (trust me, it's worth it!) you will also receive my entire opinion writing unit included in the bundle! (pictured below).

If you are looking for sanity saving, low prep, and engaging writing centers for the entire year, check these out! You will love the independence your students will gain from them, how easy they are to prep (mainly just print and go!) and how they practice so many different skills!

What are teachers saying about these writing center packs?

"These are all so fun and give the kids such a variety of ways to express themselves while writing! Thank you!!"

"This product is written for the littles, but I got it for my second graders. I love the gingerbread and Christmas tree templates for beginning, middle, and end. Thank you for a great product!"

If purchased separately: $75

Bundle purchase plus bonus opinion writing unit: $60

Click here to be taken to the bundle! Each pack is listed in the bundle description to check out each individual pack.

I hope you find these centers as a must-have for your K-1 classroom! They have saved me from tons of time due to little prep and less time explaining writing centers! The kids love them and they get to practice so many skills!

Happy Writing!

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