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Creative Writing for Elementary Students

Do you want your students to love writing? Many students hate writing because they are told what topic to write about and usually aren't interested. However, you can easily get your students excited about writing! Not only will your students enjoy writing, but they will also practice and develop essential writing skills WHILE being creative and using their imaginations. HOW?

We use creative writing picture prompts! Let me explain a little bit about them:

Picture prompts are differentiated and provide students with a writing template and a single picture. For the same picture prompt, you can choose between three different line styles, depending on how well each student can write. You may choose to have a writing center with a snowman picture prompt, and you give a higher level student a prompt with more, smaller lines. You could give a lower level student the same prompt, but with bigger and fewer lines.

You can see below the same prompts with different lines.

The teacher sets the goals/instructions. Your goal for one student may be to make sure they use capitals at the beginning of each sentence. Another student may have the goal of sounding out words to spell when writing.

They can be used as an early finisher activity, writing center, extra practice, etc.!

THE BEST PART: Students use the picture to write creatively about ANYTHING they want. For some students, seeing the picture of the pumpkin will spark a memory of when they went to the pumpkin patch, and they will write a narrative of their trip. Another student may see the picture and tell you some information about pumpkins. Students use the picture to write about what they want! Also: Instead of having students just color the picture when they are done, I love to let them add other details or drawings to the picture to further enhance their writing.

Download a few prompts for free by clicking here! Or, grab the pack of 229 picture prompts for the entire year by clicking the picture below. $50 value for $25!

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